Safeguarding Vunerable Young People


Iceni Partnership recognises that they have a duty of care towards children and young people under the age of eighteen if ever they are in our charge to protect them from physical, emotional and sexual abuse or harm and ensure their well-being.  Iceni Partnership  seeks to comply with Norfolk’s local Safeguarding Children’s Board in promoting good working practices that safeguards children and promotes their welfare.


It is a requirement that any member of  Iceni Partnership staff or any volunteer working on behalf of the Iceni Partnership has the responsibility to pass on information and concerns regarding a child or young person who may have been or is likely to be harmed or abused.


The designated Young Persons Protection Officer is: Donald Saunders who is responsible for reporting directly to the Iceni Partnership Trustees.


Iceni Partnership’s Young Persons Protection Officer is responsible for:


*  Monitoring & recording concerns

*  Making referrals to Social Services without delay

*  Liaison with other agencies

*  Arranging appropriate training for all staff


Vetting and Training

All Iceni Partnership staff are interviewed, referenced and CRB checked for roles that come into contact with children and young persons.


Appropriate training is available to staff and volunteers undertaking direct work with children and young people to make them aware of child protection issues and proper reporting procedures.  This is reviewed at regular intervals.


Iceni Partnership has recruitment policies for both staff and volunteers which seek to ensure that the well-being of children and young people is maintained.


Iceni Partnership acknowledges and accepts the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, the principles of the Children Act 1989 and the Human Rights Act 1998.


We will:

*  treat all children with respect and celebrate their achievements

*  carefully recruit & select all adults whether paid or voluntary

*  respond to concerns and allegations appropriately


When any adult has concerns about the welfare of any child/ young person then he/she is expected to share those concerns with the Young Persons Protection Officer.  Please refer to Appendix A in the event of a disclosure.



In cases of disclosure of abuse, by either children or parents, we are obliged to share the information and refer our concerns to Social Services.


Staff Allegations:

Concerns about the behaviour of adult/ s in our organisation will be referred without delay to the Young Persons Protection Officer who will contact Social Services or the police as appropriate.