Community Centre

Clements Room, meeting room
Buxton Hall
Dickens Room

Room Hire Rules:

Please note that hire charges only cover use of room and associated facilities e.g. toilets, etc. All hires are allowed 15 minutes before and after the hire period to set out and put away furniture and equipment.

Hirers should expect to find rooms clean and clear of furniture when they arrive and that currently , crockery and glassware is clean and ready for use.

The hirers must therefore ensure that:

  1. All tables and chairs used in their session are put away carefully at the end.

  2. Tables and chairs must be stacked in accordance with the instructions and photographs on the inside of the cupboard doors.

  3. The hirer should ensure that table tops are wiped clean before being put away. For example, if candles are used during the session all candle wax should be removed from the surfaces.

  4. All furniture is borrowed from an adjacent room it must be returned before leaving.

  5. Any crockery, glassware or cutlery used must be washed, dried and put away. Crockery and glassware must not be left in the dishwasher.

  6. All windows should be closed before leaving.

  7. The floors should be cleared of litter, especially food litter.

  8. Please do not allow chewing gum to be used in the building as this can result in a very expensive cleaning problem.

  9. Notices or posters of any kind must not be put up on windows or walls.


If the hirer requires a room to be set out for them before their event and cleared afterwards this can be arranged for an additional fee at the discretion of the Management.