Code of Conduct

Iceni Partnership expects the highest level of integrity in actions and relationships, which may affect the organisation and its clients.  Your actions should be impartial, supportive and honest as you conduct official business and be such as to withstand scrutiny without causing embarrassment to the organisation and its stakeholders. A breach of the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action, including dismissal.

You should always remember your responsibility to the clients you serve and ensure courteous and efficient service delivery to all individuals and groups during the course of your work.  

You should also ensure that your personal appearance and demeanour is consistent with the work that you do and will not reflect detrimentally on Iceni Partnership. Your conduct and demeanour should be professional and appropriate for the circumstances and employees should not give out any personal details such as address or telephone numbers to clients.  

Employees must not bring alcohol or illegal drugs onto Iceni Partnership  premises, or be under the influence of such substances whilst working.



You should ensure that the interest of clients, colleagues, volunteers and the public remains paramount, and that confidentiality is observed at all times and matters learned as a result of your work with Iceni Partnership remains so outside of working hours. Confidentiality is essential to protect the interests of clients.

Iceni Partnership  is committed to ensuring the correct handling, use, storage, retention and disposal of confidential information as laid down in the Data Protection Act.  It is essential that all documentation, information and computer systems used within Iceni Partnership premises, are protected to an adequate level from events that may jeopardise confidentiality.  These events will include accidents as well as behaviour deliberately designed to breach confidentiality.  Laptops or files taken out of the office should be kept under lock and key at all times.  Security is the responsibility of all staff and any infringement may lead to disciplinary action.  Employees should be shredding any waste of a confidential nature that is no longer required.


Risk Assessment

You should ensure that all potential risks are identified and measures and procedures that have been put in place to protect both your clients and yourself are followed. Protocols and procedures that are in place with other organisations and agencies should be followed at all times to protect the safety of the client.  If you have any additional concerns these should be reported to your line manager. 

External Working

When other work is undertaken outside of Iceni Partnership  (paid or unpaid) it is important to ensure that details of the nature of the work are passed onto the line manager and that any potential conflicts are interests are noted.  Members of staff undertaking external work should be aware that it is not acceptable to use any of Iceni Partnership systems, paperwork or information gained while working for Iceni Partnership in any other working environment.  When undertaking external work, no explicit or implied impression should be given that the work is being undertaken as part of the Iceni Partnership organisation.

Declaration of Interests

Iceni Partnership needs to be aware of all cases where an employee, or his or her close relative or associate, has a controlling and/or significant financial interest in an activity, case or pursuit which may be in direct conflict with an Iceni Partnership client.

Any infringement of any of the above may constitute a breach of contract and any such incident may be handled according to the normal disciplinary procedures and could result in dismissal.


You must not accept, or be the beneficiary of, any substantial gifts born out of  a working relationship developed whilst in the employment of Iceni Partnership. If offered a minor gift, for whatever the intention, the matter must be reported to your line manager for approval prior to acceptance.  You must also inform your line manager of any offers of hospitality which could be seen as, or lead to a conflict of interest.  This is for the protection of staff as well as individuals and the organisation as a whole.

Example 1: Casual gifts
Casual gifts offered by contractors or others e.g. at Christmas should be politely declined apart from articles of low intrinsic value such as diaries, calendars, mugs etc.  In cases of doubt staff should either consult their line manager or politely decline acceptance.

Example 2: Hospitality

Modest hospitality provided it is normal and reasonable e.g. lunches in the course of working visits, may be acceptable.  

Financial donations should be forwarded to the Manager so that formal acknowledgements can be made.  Staff should decline all other offers of hospitality or entertainment.